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Fifty million year ago, while dinosaurs wandered the steamy earth, unimaginable forces were rearranging the continents from beneath. Indian and Asian landmasses collided like two slow-motion freight trains shoving twisted layers of rock nearly nine kilometers into the air. Thus the Himalaya was born, and is still growing today.

Nepal is the synonymous with the Himalaya. Eight of the world’s ten highest mountains lie along its northern border. Could you but stand in one place and see every one of them....

With the opening of The Everest Panorama Resort at Daman at central Nepal, you can do just that, from your bedroom window or restaurant terrace. Nowhere else on earth is this possible, not from any peak summit nor mountain resort!

Located at 2500 m. elevation just 2 1/2 hours drive from both Kathmandu and Chitwan National Park , and 7 hours from  Pokhara. The Everest Panorama Resort-Daman is within easy reach of Nepal’s popular tourists center. Traveller en route from India and Chitwan welcome the cool breezes, hospitable accommodations and gourmet lunch.

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